Procurement consulting

What can you expect from us?

We make opportunities for your company transparent and create possibilities for you to choose from. The right solution is ultimately customer specific.

We are keen to look at the entire supply chain in order to significantly improve your procurement conditions / total cost of ownership. The full potential of opportunities is only utilized if product standardization and process simplification are also considered.

Expandio is happy to assist you with procurement services specific for your company.


We can assist you with processes such as:

  • The current procurement conditions were established historically. You like to contract your spend for the coming years at improved conditions
  • You like to benchmark your current procurement conditions with the market
  • You have well arranged your procurement and would like analysis to be carried out where there are still procurement opportunities
  • You like to set up a procurement department or further professionalise your procurement department

Our process:

We follow a standard process that we adjust for your specific situation.

  • Step 1: Kick-off / goals
  • Step 2: Baseline and products- or services standardisation
  • Step 3: Benchmarking – RFP
  • Step 4: Analyses
  • Step 5: Report out
  • Step 6: Contract + SLA

Examples of completed projects:

In a personal meeting, we like to present our services as well as reference projects and what opportunities this can create for your company.

Hungarian petfood manufacturer

Our activities:

  • Focus on packaging materials like boxes, labels, foils, retort pouches and cans
  • Global benchmark
  • Renegotiation of existing contracts

German cable company

Our activities:

  • Focus on the procurement of materials
  • Opportunity assessment to decrease the total cost of ownership for materials

Dutch cable company

Our activities:

  • Focus on procurement of materials
  • Opportunity assessment to decrease total cost of ownership for materials
  • Materials standardisation in cooperation with contractors (competitors)
  • Global benchmark / RFP
  • Contracting of materials procurement
  • Afstemming doelen

    Stap 1

  • Baseline en producten standaardisatie

    Stap 2

  • RFP-Benchmark

    Stap 3

  • Analyse

    Stap 4

  • Contracteren + SLA

    Stap 5

We look forward hearing from you

Are you interested to learn more about our procurement consulting activities or in general about our services? We love to hear from you. Contact us or directly request our free quick-scan.

With Expandio’s free quick scan, we make the opportunities for your business insightful. Fill in the form and we will contact you within one working day.

Is our procurement consulting not a good match? Please also consider our joint procurement model.

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